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GPR Geophysical Services
GPR Geophysical Services carry out a wide range of geophysical investigations and are capable of providing solutions for most subsurface mapping requirements. Our operators are well qualified and experienced. In addition, where necessary, we have access to technical advice and support from the University of Canterbury – Christchurch.

We are a small progressive organisation, under the direction of Martin King (right), and take pride in our expertise and high quality results. Our completed projects are our best credentials and references will be provided on request.

We have now successfully carried out over 300 investigative surveys both large and small throughout New Zealand and overseas. Often early/ instant information is available during our surveys and can be provided “in the field” at the time of the survey. Full formal reports are also normally provided with our survey projects, depending on client requirements, and the nature of the investigation carried out

There are a wide variety of geophysical techniques used around the world to obtain subsurface information including:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Multi Electrode Resistivity
  • Magnetic
  • Gravity
  • Seismic